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    Best Intellivision Emulator

    What can I use to play Intellivision Roms that use the int extension? I have tried multiple Emulators with no luck.
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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Freeze

    Every few seconds this game keeps freezing for a few seconds. How do I fix this? I am playing the Rom on Yuzu. Yes, it already says the Rom works great on the list. Yet I keep getting the freezing issue.
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    Animal Forest Menu Glitch Project64

    Yes, I know I should ask on the Project64 forum but I can't get logged in. There's a glitch on the English Patch of the Animal Crossing N64 Rom on Project64. Whenever I open the item menu the screen glitches out and it just doesn't look right. Is there an error in either my graphics or video...
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    Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc and Ruby and Sapphire Rom Transfer

    When playing the Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc ISO and the Ruby and Sapphire Roms how do I transfer Jirachi from the bonus disc on the ISO to a Ruby or Sapphire Rom on my computer?
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    Yuzu and Metroid Dread

    I noticed when I started up playing Metroid Dread on the Nintendo Switch Yuzu emulator the title screen won't show the logo or the background, only a black screen with the text telling me to press start. And during the cutscenes the images nor video content will show up. Only the text info shows...
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    3D Stix 400 and Dolphin

    There was an emulated Wiimote made for computers called Stix. I was wondering if this thing would work for Wii ISOs on the Dolphin emulator. Cause I can't get my real Wiimote to work. My PC blocks the signal cause of it being a Windows 10. And my Bluetooth doesn't want to let me turn it on.
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    Wii Games without the Wii Mote

    I can't get my Wii Mote to connect to Dolphin no matter what I do. I have Windows 10 and 10 blocks any unknown devices plugged into it. And I can't get my bluetooth to connect properly anyway. So, is there a way to still play Wii games without the Wii Mote? Like can I use a normal PC gamepad and...
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    How to Play Final Fantasy XI ISO

    I was wondering something. This game is a MMORPG that was discontinued a long time ago. And without Wifi services how can I play this ISO on my computer? Don't I need a Wifi signal to play it? Is there a code I put into the Emulator I'm playing on to make it think there's a Wifi signal and go...
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    Game Problem: Dragon Warrior NES Rom Glitch

    I have found a glitch in this Rom file. No matter what I do my attacks hardly ever hit any of the monsters. Is there a fix for this cause I can't get anywhere with the game if none of my attacks ever hit. Versions I tried: Dragon Warrior (USA) Dragon Warrior (USA) (Rev A) Dragonwarrior...
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    Can I use the N64 Transfer Pak with the N64 PC controller?

    I have all the GB and GBC Pokemon games on actual carts, not the Roms, so I was wondering if I could attach the Transfer Pak to the N64 Controller that's made for PC gaming and use the GB/GBC features on the Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 Roms. The controller has the spot in the back the Transfer Pak...