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  1. Jay


    I finally have DSL... I had to tell someone.
  2. Jay

    I'm Back!

    Hello All, Have you missed me? Well I have good news (assuming you answered yes). As our more senior members know, I was once a regular on this site, a moderator even! However tragedy struck one day in the form of a computer malfunction leaving me with a broken laptop. Although I knew how...
  3. Jay

    MAME 0.94 Released!

    MAME and MAME32 were both updated to version 0.94 this morning. They can be found here. Here's what's new:SPI update [Ville Linde] preliminary sprite Alpha (no tilemap alpha) added sprite / tilemap DMA proper RTC emulation Removed SAMPLES support from sndhrdw/galaxian.c [Aaron Giles] Removed...
  4. Jay

    Another one bites the dust

    Microsoft Loses Key Windows Architect to Google
  5. Jay

    Happy B-Day SladeXR

    Happy birthday, man.... I think he still comes around, right?
  6. Jay

    American Elections

    All comments are welcome. Also, if you are going to vote, please give the top three reasons behind your choice. I'm going to vote for Kerry myself. I'm a democrat but my reasoning goes deeper than that. The economy has been pretty shitty the last four years, we have no business in Iraq, and his...
  7. Jay

    FakeNES Cancelled!

    Siloh has announced that the FakeNES project has now been discontinued. Here's a qoute: FakeNES has been officially cancelled. It is just so full of bugs that we cannot fix without a complete rewrite of everything. We will probably still continue to commit the occasional (as in, whenever we...
  8. Jay

    MAME32 Plus! 0.86u5 Released!

    MAME/MAME32 Plus!, which adds fixes and improvements to MAME, has been updated. Here's the changes:updated to MAME 0.86u5 support joystick buttons up to 32 allowing customizable IPS combination added comment display for IPS, this feature needs a new IPS pack which is working in progress...
  9. Jay

    Yabause 0.0.4 Released!

    A new emulator for the Sega Saturn was released today under the terms of the GPL. You're probably thinking to yourself "yet another buggy and uncomplete Saturn emulator". Well that is also what the authors were thinking because that's what "Yabause" stands for. (I thought it was cute) Guillaume...
  10. Jay

    Which logo is best?

    M.H.A.Q.S has finished a bunch of possible logos for Gamerz Domain. He's worked real hard on finishing these logs, some great template changes, and soon a better forum skin. As always I value the opinions of my friends here at EZ. We wanted to post them here so you guys could tell us which one...
  11. Jay

    OK, ScotchGuy sent me a link to one day and I got hooked on it.. I'd say most of you already know what the site is. I thought a thread that serves the same purpose would be funny. I stole this one from there, but feel free to add your own IRC or IM convos. <Dark_Fox> Kami: if you...
  12. Jay

    Favorite SNES Game

    What is your favorite SNES game? Mine is Final Fantasy 2. Final Fantasy 3 comes in a close second... I love that series.
  13. Jay

    The Ten Second Rule

    Ok... If your eating something and you drop it on the floor, by the ten second rule it's ok to eat it if you pick it up before you count to ten. I think it should be law. Anyone else follow the ten second rule?
  14. Jay

    What Happened To

    Looks like the site is down... Does anyone know what happened?
  15. Jay

    Images And Logos

    I hope badger is reading this as I've seen his work here at EZ and I like it. If anyone wants to help me out by making a Gamerz Domain logo or any graphics for my site I would greatly appreciate it. Also if anyone wants to be of help in any other way please come forward as doing the whole site...
  16. Jay

    Your Job

    I'm sitting here at work talking to a lady one the phone who has moved her Windows taskbar to the top of her monitor and doesn't know how to move it back. She's annoying me to death. Anyone else hate their job?
  17. Jay

    Favorite TV Shows

    Here's mine: Cartoons: The Simpsons Family Guy Beavis and Butthead King of The Hill Sitcoms: Married With Children That 70's Show Late Night: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Late Night With Conan O'Brien I'm sure I left out a lot, but that's all I can think of now. Post yours. :)
  18. Jay

    Web Site Feedback

    Well, I haven't been posting much on EZ for a few days because I've been busy setting up a web site. I would like some feedback on how the site is coming along and I figured I might as well ask the good people of EZ! What I really need here is constructive criticism, however just regular...
  19. Jay

    Do You Hate Forum Polls?

    A forum poll about forum polls? Damn, I have way too much time on my hands.
  20. Jay

    Simpsons Quotes

    - Ralph Wiggim