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    The installer is available on the official site, and yes you can buy it
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    The end in hear.

    You can't "buy" linux. Note on the quotes. Also that video is pretty old (last year). In regards to Secure Boot, as far as I am aware at the very least Fedora and Ubuntu should be fine.
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    Hey guys!

    Long time no see :)
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    Should i submit new emulators versions

    I would like to point out that "Im not update emulator section because there is retroarch. And standalone emulators are not needed now." is a very bad take, regardless of what you do here. Relying on just RA is bad.
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    My news post questions

    You did nothing wrong, it was my mistake for not turning off the ability to post there after we converted the forum software. The news section was meant to be restricted because we had a background script running there on the previous forum software. Submitted Content Forum is the place where...
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    Terminal Launch V

    Gaming on linux has come along way and should really not be ignored. And in terms of emulation, since it is kind of our area here, the vast majority of systems have native linux emulators already.
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    When new emulators will be aded ?

    You forget that Retroarch is not an exactly an emulator, it's more of a "platform". It needs actual emulators to be ported and serve as "cores" in it.
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    When new emulators will be aded ?

    Going by , I went ahead and enabled Ares on the sections where the list shows a reasonable number of "Working" games.
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    Confused about Open source

    You have no access to the source code, this is what "closed source" means.
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    Added a few hours ago to the site. It was getting a bit late in the day and I forgot to post a reply. Apologies.
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    Merry Christmas And Happy New Year

    Same for me, have a great one!
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    When new emulators will be aded ?

    I will have a look at that as soon as I can, thanks for pointing out. I was aware of Near / Byuu's passing.
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    switch emulators?

    Big projects like PCSX2 and retroarch come as appimages as well. Not as important for retroarch, since the cores can be updated when needed and the main app only needs updating when the next major version is out.
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    switch emulators?

    It's ready: Instead of actual downloads, I linked to the actual sites. The reason behind this is that it is better to just go there and grab whatever daily version is available from the latest Git compile. The latest features and features are worth the...
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    What's the best ROM and ROM console for the old SNES game "Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest"?

    Just go to the emulator settings and see what button assignments the keyboard has. The rest is just normal gameplay that you would you have had in the actual console.
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    What's the best ROM and ROM console for the old SNES game "Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest"?

    In terms of emulator, I would go for As for the rom, any one you find on the internet, US version or EU will work.
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    Best Computer Mouse

    Any quality mouse mouse (not a super cheap one) should be fine. Just pick one that allows you to also adjust the DPI for accuracy reasons. Alternatively if you like to "draw" you can always opt in for a digital pen like the Wacom products that are really popular.
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    Emulation Netplay Discord Server (Retro Survivors)

    That message is from August 2017.
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    Doubt N64 emulation

    I gave you two options, they are both very good and free. Try both and see what works best for you.
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    Doubt N64 emulation

    Give the ParaLLEI core a try then, you should be fine in terms of compatibility (that is the whole point of accuracy).