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    It occured to me that I forgot to make an introduction thread

    Let's get this out of the way, shall we? As a fan of older gaming who missed a lot of the popular titles, I was drawn to emulators to satisfy my old-school cravings while I hunted for physical copies of the games I was so passionate about. Unfortunately, I had a lot of issues over the years...
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    Update the descriptions for the SNES emulator downloads page.

    Given that Byuu has achieved his goal of 100% emulator accuracy and bsnes now properly runs every SNES game that was ever commercially released, I wanted to know if EZ would update the descriptions for a few of the emulator pages to reflect this. While the download links for each program are...
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    So bsnes now blows ZSNES out of the water

    Silly similar acronyms aside - as a longtime lurker of the site, I registered today to ask what I feel is an important question: Now that bsnes literally emulates every single game that was ever commercially available for the Super Nintendo with its recent update - thereby completely blowing...