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  1. Lukelaw86

    does GC emulator REALLY work well on the real thing

    I was wondering if the GC emulator REALLY work I mean REALLY...I always thought it can't emulate the whole game just like the new pcsx2.If it does work would it run as well as the real thing??
  2. Lukelaw86

    New problem on my epsxe 1.6.0 and FF 9

    After I format my computer and install epsxe 1.6.0 there is a problem when I start to config my plugins.Is like this,when I done choosing my bios,a error pop out saying "Fail to start because kailleraclient.dll not found....".I can still continue configuring and playing games but I was wondering...
  3. Lukelaw86

    unusual thing happen

    I can't watch the cutscene of final fantasy 9 on my ps and even on my epsxe.It somehow just froze there when the cutscene begins.For epsxe,the cutscene that froze the game is the one at the airship when you want to battle the black waltz 2 or 3 forgot already.On the ps,it froze at disc 3 where...
  4. Lukelaw86

    Dolphin gamecube emulator

    Can anyone help on how to set up dolphin the gamecube emulator??Everytime I try to set up a error appear saying that the file msvcr71.dll is missing.I have downloaded that file already just that where should I extract it to. BTW,can this emu works with comercial games??
  5. Lukelaw86

    Zsnesw codes??

    Can anyone tell me step by step on how to add action replay or game genie codes on the zsnes.I can't seem to do it??
  6. Lukelaw86

    I still need help.

    I still need help for VBA link.Please refer to the following link.
  7. Lukelaw86

    Hai there I'm new

    Hello I'm new to this website and I hope we can get along. ;)
  8. Lukelaw86

    My Pcsx2 is having problems

    everytime I insert one of my disc(example Final Fantasy x2),the program tells me that this is not a playable CD/DVD iso.But it works on a real PS2.Please help.