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  1. nesman

    Whats Your Internet Speed?

    I have Optimum Online Cable Internet My Download is 3793KB/s and my upload is 976KB/s. I tweaked it once to have a 5MB/s download speed.
  2. nesman

    ePSXe not running

    when i downloaded ePSXe, i was able to run it. but after i got the plugins and bios, it doesnt run. i double click it and nothing happens. I got XP Pro, P4 2.4 Ghz, and a nVIDIA Geforce 3or4 graphics card.
  3. nesman

    Playstation 3

    wat kind of graphics do you think PS3 could make? and do u think PS3 will be a sucess?
  4. nesman

    Xbox's Graphics

    if a game took the Xbox to its full potencial, wat kind of graphics would you expect? and another thing, would Xbox have a chance against PS3?
  5. nesman


    has there been any progress with DreamEmu? does it boot any games?
  6. nesman

    Sound Problems

    i have a problem with sound on my pc. sometimes when i play an mp3, it says "the sound is being used by another application or it may have errors. Please reinstall the sound" the error is something like that. i reinstalled the sound five times already.sometimes the mp3s work but VisualBoyAdvance...