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    Best agp card

    whats the best agp card so far ?
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    360 dvd drive

    Can someone post a guide how to dismantle the 360 to take out the drive in able to put the custom firmware on it . ps i know how to do it. is for a friend of mine that doesnt uderstand how im telling him how to do it
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    vba black screen

    i recently found i had a backup folder for my vba and i loaded myh pokemon ruby and i loaded state 1 but after it shows where i saved it the screen goes black . i also tried loading a sgm file it show the image but it freezes. any help would be apreciated:D
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    gbc trading

    hi ive asked this question before but is it possible to link a real gameboy color or gba to the pc and trade betweeen it and an emulator : cuz i have a cable that came with the gameshark .
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    The Windows alternative Is Here Better Than Mac

    HI, I am a linux expert for over 7 years and ive never seen such an entertaining and eye-candy version of linux as ELIVE It is a complete masterpiece of design, a complete power house of linux it has a vast multimedia suite for video editing and making to audio. here is a video of elive in...
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    psp dvr

    hey guys have u seen the new psp slim that comes with av cables that u can connect it to ur tv and play all those movies and play all those games on a big screen so i was wondering if u can record video signal and use ur psp as a dvr...
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    obd2 with a sony psp

    hey guys how it going i just wanted to know out or curiosity if it was possible to read obd 1 or obd2 codes with a sony psp if so how ?
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    video card team work

    hi i have a ati radeon 9250 on my agp slot and an nvidia geforce 4 mx400 on my pci . i was wondering can i can combine the processing power of both in some way.
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    hello long time no see i just exploited my ps2 and i made a copy of ff8 and it won't read it it says incorrect media and when i try the media thingy and put an mp3 cd it won't accept it either i used cd clone for copying the cd and im starting to think has this exploiting really work i used...
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    how can i get linux or gnu for free cause it says its free but can't find it
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    format types

    hello my fellow people just wanted to know if there is a way to read different format types on windows cause i have a compact flash that is formated different cause windows does not read it :msn_wink:
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    vmu help

    :fuckyou: hey im bust up because my chankst vmu don't let me load up saves cause it says it has 0 blocks free and i just downloaded it.
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    photos for label maker

    Hi im getting hooked to making labels for my dvd's and i have been wondering what site is there that i can get photos especially for label makers
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    windows xp theme

    can you download a program that installs the windows xp on windows2000 what i mean by theme is like the trims and bars look you know the red blue and green theme
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    is this thing possible

    hi is it possible to like use emulators on the xbox without modding it cause mine is brand new and is it possible to put xbox games in the hd and play them please don't redirect me to another site
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    dsl questions

    is it posible for you to have a uniport dsl modem but can have a router and the two pc's using the internet at the same time
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    can somebody get me out of this deep hole

    hey im in trouble cause I can't use my disc drives or simulation drives they just don't appear in my computer and I have a shortcut but says d:\ has been removed and etc.:msn_cry:
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    final fantasy 7 movie help

    hi just wanted to know what should I do have tried to download the final fantasy 7 movie with kazaa lite resirectionand ares and took like a week to download the movie on each but both movies are different and give me the same problem something with the codecs have tried real player,windows...
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    animal crossing help

    Hey everybody yeah it's me again . I would like to know if anybody knows the name of the black shirt with flames have tried a lot of them but there is still alot more
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    gamecube linking

    hi im only saying if anybody could help me cause im fed up with the stupid way the linking system is in the gamecube cause i have sonic adventure on the gba and sonic adventure 2 battle on the gamecube and when I put the the gba game on the chao garden and the gamecube game on the machine thing...