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    NTSUC to PAL?

    hello everyone, i was wondering is there any way to convert the ISO of NTSUC PS2 games to change them in to a PAL game? thanks everyone
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    Swap Magic

    hey everyone, i have just bought a PS2 slimline teh model for this particular console is SCPH 75003, i would like to use th alternatvie to modding it, by usinf the boot disc system known as Swap Magic. I just wanted to know if anyone can let me know what combination of products i will need to...
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    Nintendo Gamecube Emulator

    hello everyone, i was just womderin, what is the average FPS a gamecube game (emulator) shoul be going at? just for some extra information, teh game is Super Mario Sunshine and the emulator is Dolphin
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    DVD to Avi?

    i hav the rocks movie - walking tall on an original dvd but i want to sumhow convert it to an avi file on my computer (so its about 700mb) is this possible if so can u tell me what type of software is needed to do so
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    Winavi video coverter problem

    i coverted a 22mb wrestling match which played at 90 kb/s which is very VERY crap print and it converted to 331mb (approximately) why has this happened i converted it to a vcd file (mpeg) and it shouldve only gon up to bout 100mb, i think i downloaded it as a mpg file so im not if thats the...
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    what the hell is a ftp server or ftp website?

    yeh so wot is an ftp server and dus any1 herew watch ultimate musclke if yes wer can u download it from!
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    I was playin pokemon stadium one wen this came up - can u tell me how to sort this the grafix plugin im usin is Jabo's Direct3D 6
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    grafix plugin not found!

    I hav a gamecube emulator, and I clearly do have a video plugin itz called VideoPlugin.dll, can sum1 tell me why it wont recognise t and put it down? Thanx -
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    Pokemon Collesseum

    is it possible to download a pokemon collesium rom for the gamecube emulator plz answer
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    Help i really wanna know

    hello every1 is there anyway to get some kind of software for the project 64 1.5 that enables you to use gameshark codes. and does any one know some gameshark codes for pokemon stadium/2 thanx everyone.and while every1 is here has anyone got in to the gb tower and played the game properly with...