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  1. ouch123

    Some help with Disk Defragmentation? (May need Tekky knowledge)

    Okay, first, this may be a n00bish question. Alright. Now then, I've been trying to run the default Disk Defragmentation tool for my OS (windows XP), I have 15~16% free space, and I've run out of ideas. The problem is that it will get to anywhwere between 3% to 10% complete, then suddenly...
  2. ouch123

    If you've ever tried to hack FF2US...(SNES)

    Could you just tell me one thing? For the world map sprites in the game, is the data compressed? I figured it was, but I may be wrong, so if anyone I don't know ASM or another programming language, so I think I may be s****ed (Is that word allowed?) if the graphics are compressed...
  3. ouch123

    Very first hack! (by me)

    Whee! After about an hour or so of reading and hacking I have made a minor hack...very minor, but whatever. Here it is (Tell me what you think): Note: I was too impatient to wait for the imps to kill the Monk too... :rolleyes: Also...I forgot to get a winning pose! Gah! Oh, note that this is...
  4. ouch123

    How would I go about making a patch?

    I'm very curious, and have been for awhile. I tried to look through the rom with a hex editor (I assumed I was supposed to, probably wasn't) and all I saw were some random assortments of letters. I saw what look like an alphabet, but it stopped by the letter "p" and was structured like...
  5. ouch123

    Getting voices from Metal Gear Solid?

    I can't program, so yeah...and PSX MC only takes the video files from the game...bah...and as far as I know, no one has created the PSF file for MGS (and if they have, they probably didn't extract the voices.) I've heard of a few programs that record sound from the desktop, but I believe they...
  6. ouch123

    How do we bypass GameGuard?

    1st: If this is not allowed (I didn't quite see anything saying this wasn't, but I may have skimmed the rules too quickly) then by all means, PLEASE lock this thread and/or delete it. Anyway, onward! I do not want to anyone to say "To Bypass GG rev XXX, you have to...blah blah blah" Quite...
  7. ouch123

    The 5 top reasons Desmume is better than no$gba

    #5. Configuration [Desmume is much easier to configure-there's almost nothing you need to configure other than controls!] #4. Better sound [Desmume typically has much less static, music is clearer in general, music is generally louder, etc.] #3. Getting it to work [Desmume=download...
  8. ouch123

    ePSXe-too low speed, but too high!?

    This has been bothering me for some time now...the plugins I use thatthis happens on is...all of them. So, what's the problem? I set the FPS limit to 59.9 and here's what happens: the speed is too slow: anywhere between 40-59.9, and I think: well, my computer is old, but then...I set it to no...
  9. ouch123

    What's the FPS of systems?

    What are the average FPS of systems? I only know 2.:( Ps1-59.9 SNES-18 (I think)
  10. ouch123

    Graphics error with Silent Hill (ePSXe 1.6.0)

    Basically, around all of the characters, there is a semi-transparent white rectangle[<-Fixed], and during the running scenes (when he's running on a black background) it lags a lot (11-12 FPS).[Same with item screens, whenever he leaves an area, etc., fine other than that though] Point is, I...
  11. ouch123

    Sound stops in Street fighter ex 2 plus! Help!

    In Street Fighter Ex 2 plus, the sounds pretty good for the most part, but then, when I enter a fight, usually after the first hit, the sound stops!:confused: The sound plugin I am using is Eternal SPU 1.41, _x_Enable sound _x_Enable CDDA sound _x_Enable XA sound Direct sound-Buffer size:60...
  12. ouch123

    Some help with Hu-Go! please?

    Okay, I know, I know, what I'm about to type sounds really stupid, but from the readme's and whatnot, I learned just about nothing. So, I'm running Windows Xp SP2, trying out Hu-Go! 2.12 and GTK+2.6.4, but I don't quite unerstand how to make it work. If I simply install, well, it's missing a...