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    Have you guys put it up yet?!

    Your Christmas Tree that is... We put up our little one that has the fiber-optics attached to it and you just click a button, but we have yet to put up the big one!
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    Is it true is it true?!

    I heard that Final Fantasy VII is going to be rereleased next year on the PS3!!! If that's true I swear I'll have a friggin heart attack!! I have FF7 for the PC, but our old PC was in our house when it caught on fire ;_; And our new PC, it just thinks it's too good to run it V_V So I've been...
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    I'm so confused and I need help!!

    I think the only way to fix this is to start a new game ;_; But I hate to do that!!! I have an emulator... uh duh... (it's Snes9x) and I downloaded a Chrono Trigger game, because I love it! And I didn't even know it but it came with one of those built-in trainer things, so I used it! To give...
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    Hi everybody!

    Honestly I only joined because I have a question to ask >_> Because I need help!! But I'm sure I'll come around from time to time!!! ... with more questions lol... Nah It won't be all questions <_< I'll be nice lol. Anyway hi!! :D Oh yeah! And I am really hyper and full of energy >_< so sorry...