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  1. Ana

    Joint Stereo vs. Normal Stereo

    I was going to rip cds to my computer but there is to many settings to choose from I need some help what I want is the best sound I can get without the file being to big. The program I'm going to use is Winamp Pro 5 This is all the setting I can set
  2. Ana

    Computer Problem: CD/DVD burning problem

    I just downloaded Ubuntu 9 and I love it I can install it in Windows just fine. but when I try to burn it to CD\DVD it gives errors everyone told me to burn it 4X speed thing thing is my burner will not burn at that sped it will burn 6X and up is there some way I can force it to burn at 4X I...
  3. Ana

    What is Santa going to bringing you.

    What is Santa going to bringing you ? This year I'm not going to get anything I'm single again this year men always leave me around christmas time.
  4. Ana

    Virtual Memory Low

    What is Virtual Memory Low I get this on some web pages? I have windows XP Pro With service pack 2 I use windows Internet explorer 8 (because firefox will not work right for me :( )
  5. Ana

    Gameshark Code Books

    Where can I download Game Shark Code Books ?
  6. Ana

    Windows 7/Ubuntu 9.10

    Well Windoows 7 is here Ubuntu 9.10 is getting ready to come out to I want to know if anyone here has Winodws 7 or Ubuntu 9.10 if so tell me how good the Emulators work on them like ZSNES,FCE Ultua and so on. Ubuntu 9.10 is still in BETA.
  7. Ana

    Windows XP SP3 Updates

    I just got Windows XP Service Pack 3 now I need to find the updates after it came out so I can burn them to a CD :)
  8. Ana

    Firefox 3.5 passwords

    I have Firefox 3.5 and I want to backup my Passwords so I can use them on my laptop does anyone know how to do this all I can do is view my passwords?
  9. Ana

    A safe Codec program

    How safe is this program and other like it ? Also will this have Audio codecs :)
  10. Ana

    Network without the internet

    I want to network to Laptops without the internet can I do this also I want some kind of Chat program that does not use the internet. The to Laptops have windows XP with Sp2 if I get this to work I know more people that want to do this where I live.
  11. Ana

    What is the difference between the current Wi-Fi standards

    What is the difference between the current Wi-Fi standards 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11a and 802.11n? Also how do I know what my router will work with.
  12. Ana

    Magic Engine 1.1.3

    Today I was looking for a good Turbo Grafx 16/PC- Engine emulator and I found one that was shareware what I want to know is how can they charge for it I was thinking it was agents the rules to charge for something they do not really own...
  13. Ana

    An Mp3 Converter

    Hello everyone I need a good MP3 converter that will keep all of my info in my Mp3s. Also I need it to converter info Ogg format :)
  14. Ana

    NES Tetris score of 999999 in 03:29.67 Video

    Do you think this is real ?
  15. Ana

    MAME Slow Down

    On some games in MAME most from 2000 and up will slow down my Computer but only when I exit the game the hard drive runs more. so I restart the computer to get the speed back. My computer is 1.7Ghz AMD 32 bit Chip Windows XP Service pack 2 448 Mb of shared ram If I was to update to more ram...
  16. Ana

    Amok CD/DVD Burning 1.03 better than nero

    I love this program because it is free :)...
  17. Ana

    CheatBook Issue 04/2009

    CheatBook (04/2009) - Issue April 2009 - A Cheat-Code Tracker with Hints for several popular PC Action and adventure Games. 401 PC Games, 49 Walkthroughs for PC and 145 Console Cheats are represented in this new version from Strategy Games, Adventure Games to Action Games. This Database...
  18. Ana

    Microsoft .NET Framework

    I got Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed and now I want Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installed can I unstall 1.1 when I get 3.5 ?
  19. Ana

    gtfrk3ma help

    I have MAMEFx32 0.130 and I get this error every time I Audit my roms I have had this error in the last few MEMES I have downloaded. gtfrk3ma: 949jaa.u1 (548 bytes) - NOT FOUND (shared with parent) gtfrk3ma: ge949jab.u1 (4116 bytes) - NOT FOUND (shared with parent) gtfrk3ma: 949jaa.u6 (8 bytes)...
  20. Ana

    Post some new updates on the main screen allready

    When are we going to see some new update on the main page ??