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  1. HybridShadow

    NO$GBA Networking

    Wouldn't it be good it with Nintendo DS games NO$GBA could simply allow WiFi enabled game (Opera DS, blah, blah) to get online through your internet connection. What are your thoughts? Do you think it is possible in the future?
  2. HybridShadow

    Project 64 1.7 Beta

    It has been leaked. I have a copy and I am about to try it out. Since the Project64 team have made it a very secret beta they branded the testers name onto that version 'Leroy Jenkins' I guess he may be kicked out of the beta. I can supply screenshot if wanted. Version is:
  3. HybridShadow

    Change Nickname

    Hi, I was just wondering if an admin can change my nickname and login to HybridShadow please. Thanks
  4. HybridShadow

    My New Forum

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this. But i'd just like to share that I am starting my own forum But i don't know much about skinning IPB, and i would like if I can get a community going and then get some people to help me with it. One...
  5. HybridShadow

    Microsoft Windows Longhorn Final Name Out

    Well as some of you know the Codenamed 'Longhorn' ALPHA builds were floating around well it has been named....
  6. HybridShadow

    Using A PS2 Eyetoy As PC Cam This guide shows gives you the drivers needed to install the PS2 Eyetoy Camera for your pc and use it as a webcam Just thought i'd post this for people that are interested
  7. HybridShadow

    I have The Sony E3 Video

    I have the Sony E3 Video Explaining in full detail about Playstation 3 and everything in it It is amazing and shows some new games and demos Its is a large file 200mb+ Goes for 1h:45mins If anyone wants to host it let me know (if people show interest and want to see it) Or if i find a place to...
  8. HybridShadow

    X-Box 360

    More pictures are avilable for the X-Box 360 For specifications on the XBox 360's hardware go to ( I Truely doubt the processor speeds - but how would i know) Also The XBox 360 may...
  9. HybridShadow

    PSP Specs

    Does anyone know the PSP Specifications so that a section on the front page can be opened Also are the any people that have began progress on an emulator No i dont want an emulator - i got a PSP So the people that start complaining about emulators - if you wanna play one buy one - trust me...
  10. HybridShadow

    Longhorn 5048

    Longhorn 5048 is out - so has anyone tried it out yet? This is not Beta 1 but as far as i know this is a beta - hopefully there will be a leak soon, who has tried other versions of longhorn?
  11. HybridShadow

    Nintendo DS

    Is there going to be a section on the front page like there is with GBA and GB
  12. HybridShadow

    VBA Update Has an update to their site Sunday, February 27 2005 - VBA needs your help VBA needs your help. Without more people helping VBA, it will no longer be updated. If you can compile the code and have a passion for finding bugs, please say so in the ngemu VBA forum. We are...
  13. HybridShadow

    Windows Xp Media Center Edition 2005

    Ok whats up with it, I have heard not much about it, I have installed it and it is a fair bit different like of course the media center but with some looking around in the system info it says Windows Xp Professional But EVERYWHERE else it says Windows Xp MCE, Or Media Center Edition And the...
  14. HybridShadow

    Golden Eye 007 Problems

    As soon as i get halfway through level 2 the game crashes and ends and project 64 exits there is an error message but it goes away to quick, i'll TRY and capture it to read it - until then has anyone else had this prob or know how to fix it?
  15. HybridShadow

    How Often Do Yo Reinstall Windows

    How often do you reinstall Windows, I Know some people do it alot let me know how often you do!
  16. HybridShadow

    Another Mobile Phone Thread

    Ok here' goes, I would like to know if anyone has made a JavaMIDLET emu of a GBA SNES NES or anything like that for mobile phones with "Java Technology" ALSO, Is there a programs for Windows/Mac/Linux that will emulator mobile Java games, AND LAST QUESTION, Is there a full emulator that will...
  17. HybridShadow

    Request List of The little things above avatars (SuperModerator,Cool Newbie,Stranger)

    Is there a list somewhere on this forum (or can one be made) saying how many posts a person has made to get the describy thingy, i figured if i typed in "List of The little things above avatars" i wouldnt find it.
  18. HybridShadow

    Emulator Sites Gone Down Is Down (Not that it was updated often) Wont Access Wont work either Just thought id let you know it could be my internet playing up again ever since i switched to 512 ADSL it went stupid sometimes Let me...