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  1. pix07

    Japanese music best composers and artists

    1.Susumu Hirasawa multi instrument composer most know from create music for anime. 2. Wagakki Band genre rock 3.Dj Yoji Biomechanika hardstyle 4.Meiko Nakahara city pop Post your favorite artists.
  2. pix07

    Doubt N64 emulation

    @theronmad BizHawk uses mupen core. So its similiar only choice gives retroarch.
  3. pix07

    Top anime series

    Neon Genesis Evangelion is also good but too dramatic.
  4. pix07

    Advice on VICE

    On video he shows that you need enable autostart option. Im know few words in italian i need to learn it more. I both speak and write armenian and russian.
  5. pix07

    vba glitch controls locked

    @pokeplayer21 The same error was with old vba-m : Change emulator and problems gone. :)
  6. pix07

    What are some safe emulators that I can download?

    @Noir61 Yes games working you can find more information here:
  7. pix07

    Emulator Problem: How to reset Mame game menu

    @sumitgh Can you explain which problem do you have. Do you mean that ? :
  8. pix07

    Doubt N64 emulation

    I have no idea. You can also try mupen64 but its not have high accuracy.
  9. pix07

    Doubt N64 emulation Cores download them all. Have fun.
  10. pix07

    vba glitch controls locked

    Check keybord keys and sticky keys in control panel. And did you try vba-m its a continuation of vba but im recomend more MGBA.
  11. pix07

    RetroArch 1.9.10
  12. pix07

    Like Create New Sega Genesis Emulatior?

    Im can write you that retroarch has few cores which should can do that:
  13. pix07

    Like Create New TurboGrafx-16 (PC Engine) Emulatior?

    @nemesislivezx Im dont know.
  14. pix07

    Like Create New TurboGrafx-16 (PC Engine) Emulatior?

    Writing emulator is very complex you need all technical stuff know C++ or other language and algorithms. So far mednafen emulates PC Engine and is available in retro arch. His fork is called beetle. Cores are called :
  15. pix07

    Is linux superior in every point

    Just like in the title join discussion.
  16. pix07

    Freelancing first steps

    What are first steps to freelancing is anyone can be freelancer ? Share your thoughts and join discussion.
  17. pix07

    Advice on VICE

    I was find something about that but in italian just follow steps:
  18. pix07

    Dusckstation issues

    Retroarch has various ps1 cores beside duckstation there is:
  19. pix07

    Programming language and game maker stuff discussion thread

    Now old free gamemaker dont exists latest is gamemaker studio which is for money.