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  1. dar0ckl3ttm

    is Nestopia the only NES emulator that has netplay?

    so is it the best one? i would love to play co-op with others across the world.
  2. dar0ckl3ttm

    hey, you guys don't have Turbo Grafix 16 emulators?

    i couldn't find it. where is it?
  3. dar0ckl3ttm

    iso split into multiple RAR files. what to do next?

    here's my situation. the iso seems to be split into several RAR files. after unRARing all of them with the winRAR program, uhh just what exactly am i supposed to do next to run my game?
  4. dar0ckl3ttm

    i keep geting ioControl error when starting games in Chankast

    uhh what in the world does that mean and how would i go about alleviating this setback?
  5. dar0ckl3ttm

    why does my Windows Media Player crash while playing vba?

    this is really puzzling me. i want to listen to my own music via WMP while i play my vba but usually after the first track finishes it crashes (the WMP not the vba). why does this happen? i don't want to use winamp because the bass is weaker than in WMP.
  6. dar0ckl3ttm

    which system is easier to emulate: DS or PSP?

    i need to know which one will be emulated. i'm thinking to purchase only one between them and whatever gets emulated first will probably influence my purchase.
  7. dar0ckl3ttm

    is a DS or PSP emulator possible?

    how are they gonna emulate the DS with the dual screen and all? the PSP should be easily to emulate probably. Just curious on what your thoughts on this is.
  8. dar0ckl3ttm

    is there a MAME option to disable the screensaver while playing?

    I really don't want to manually disable my screensaver every time I play MAME. zsnes has that option to disable the screensaver while you're playing. Does MAME have that option too?
  9. dar0ckl3ttm

    how would i go about converting a ZSNES or SNES9X movie into a gif?

    zsnes or snex9x, it doesn't matter. Basically what I want to do is, for example, take a gif of Mario running and shooting his fireballs. So I would first record a clip of him doing that on the emulator, then what?
  10. dar0ckl3ttm

    my epsxe160 runs too slow

    Help guys, I'm playing FF7 (real cd, not ISO) and it's running laggy and choppy. The framerates are always inconsistent. One second it's normal like 60fps, the next second it drops to 40fps. For example, when I'm in the overworld map it's nice and fine but when I go to the character menu screen...
  11. dar0ckl3ttm

    how do i play another game w/o exiting epsxe?

    on ePSXe160, there seems to be no Close button and the Open ISOS/CD buttons are grayed out. it's annoying that whenever i want to play another game, i have to exit the whole program and restart it again. any way around this?
  12. dar0ckl3ttm

    do you need a memory card for this emulator?

    or does the emulator come with one? i'm considering to buy a PSone game to play on my PS2 but since i don't want to invest in a PSone memory card, i'm wondering if i can just play it with the emulator on a PC.
  13. dar0ckl3ttm

    how come when i try to edit an animated gif,it ... longer is animated? how do i fix that? i just want to increase the size of the image.
  14. dar0ckl3ttm

    something wrong with my avatar

    how come whenever i exit the forum, my avatar doesn't show up properly? so i have to always refresh it whenever i come back to fix it.
  15. dar0ckl3ttm

    funnyass clip you got to see
  16. dar0ckl3ttm

    why is it so hard to have netplay for the VBA?

    is it that hard to program that feature in? can't the author just use kaillera or however you spell it?
  17. dar0ckl3ttm

    screensaver is messed up,i think its JNES's fault

    for some reason my screensaver won't activate when my PC gets idle. I think it's something to do with JNES, and I'm right. I restarted my PC and let my PC stay idle and my screensaver activated. Then I ran JNES, quit, and let my PC stay idle and my screensaver won't activate. Why does running...
  18. dar0ckl3ttm

    How Do I Connect My Ps2 To My Tv Tuner?

    cool i didnt know you can hook those two up. so how do i do it? do i need to buy additional wires? im trying to record my game progress for all the world to see my l33t skeelz. B)
  19. dar0ckl3ttm

    Can You Burn The Isos To A Blank Cd Disk?

    and can you use it to play it on the real PS1 or PS2? sorry if this is a newbie question.