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  1. DIYROMArcade

    What is Your Favorite Dreamcast Emulator?

    I have been messing around with a couple of the Dreamcast ROMs I have kicking around on my PC but have yet to find a Dreamcast Emulator I am really happy with that is easy to use. Originally I was using Chankast but was unable to get it to work with many games. I think it was probably a plugin...
  2. DIYROMArcade

    Just Used Dolphin the Other Day and… WOW!

    I was pretty skeptical when I heard about it, but I decided to download it and mess around. I have The Twilight Princess and Wind Waker ROMs that I was using on it and the video emulation looks just beautiful. I noticed a couple small glitches but overall it looked great! I am using the 32 bit...
  3. DIYROMArcade

    “Persistent Hiccups” – 156 Hours (7 days straight)

    Hey all, it’s so great to be back and feeling better. I got my Wisdom Teeth out on 03/11 and because of complications with the anesthesia suffered from “Persistent Hiccups” for just short of 7 days. (Persistent hiccups. These hiccups last longer than 48 hours, but less than a month.) Needless...
  4. DIYROMArcade

    Has Anyone Ever Purchased from XGaming

    :) Hey guys. I just purchased some parts from XGaming a couple days ago for the Arcade Machine I am building. I was wondering if anyone else has had any experience with them. I have heard a lot about the X-Arcade Controllers but have never personally used one. I have been reading on another...
  5. DIYROMArcade

    Forum Nubin’ Needs Some Lovin’ ^_^

    Hey guys, I have finally signed up for an account. I have lurked the forums for awhile but mainly looking for answers to Emulation related questions I had. I decided I spent enough time on the site that it was worth setting up an account. I am getting back into some of the newer emulators after...
  6. DIYROMArcade

    Gamer Geek and Emulation Fanatic!

    Hey all. I am new to The Emulator Zone so I wanted to drop in and say hi! I have been an avid gamer ever since I was a kid and my parents bought the original NES. Prior to that I grew up playing Atari 2600 and old school classics like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Adventure, and Combat. I download...