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    Mugen Mortal Kombat Project question....

    Hey guys I have been messing around with the many MK Project Mugen games and love them a lot. However I am getting driven crazy by the fact that I can not continue the darned game after being defeated and the game says continue I click start and the Mugen restarts? I have researched this many...
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    Mameworld missing?

    Is it me or is the legend source for mame news mameworld down and out? I understand that the mameworld info site is still up and running but I was lead to think the two are run by different people or should I say groups of people?
  3. xplics

    Dave Perry says PSP 2 is Real, Could Come by Fall....

    Apparently according to Dave Perry the PSP 2 is the real deal and that someone he knows actually has a hand in working on the system. Intresting heres hoping for the best this time around.
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    The Simpsons changed intro The Simpsons changed the intro, I guess thats due in part to them going HD.
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    Players Choice Roms for MameUI 129u3 how to run the roms?

    I can not get any of the nes players choice 10 roms to work for mameui, any advice on if the games are not fully emulated or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
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    What game are you looking forward to being released?

    For me I have the few below I await the most. 1. GTA 4 xbox360 2. Halo 3 xbox360 3. Army Of 2 xbox360 4.God Of War PSP 5. Smack down Vs. Raw 2008 xbox360
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    Article on company not repairing 360s anymore

    I guess I am one of the lucky few my 360 yet to this day has zero issues but I keep hearing about a lot of issues with the 360 out there. Anyone here have any ROD's? " Micromart, a UK-based console repair specialist, has ceased to offer repairs on Xbox 360 consoles suffering from the...
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    Current Emulation Scene Status

    I have been around emulation for quite a bit, and have seen the almost gold rush times come and go. These days it seems fewer and fewer people are interested in our beloved emulation scene. However as of late a lot has happened in the emulation scene with CPS3, DS emulation etc. Do you see a...
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    Hey all

    Just want to say thank you for being my main source as of late for emulators and the great info this site offers. Hope to become a useful member of the forum.