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    New version release of Emula-Menu

    I've released a new version of Emula-Menu but it won't let me post anywhere on here. If you want to download it you can go here: Emula-Menu has been updated and released (Since it's last update in 2005). It's now version 3.00 and has a lot of reworking done to it, here's the scoop. System...
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    UPDATED: UTILITY: Emula-Menu version 2.15

    UTILITY: Emula-Menu Version Before: 1.95 Version Now: 2.15 Updates: Registry is not called any more - now uses 20 files that are virtually only the size of blocks for the File System (FAT32 = 8KB, NTFS = 4KB, FAT16 = 16KB). Buttons are now renameable via Button Properties Dialog. To download go...
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    Program for Utilities I created it a couple years ago, what the program does is it allows you to set emulators to buttons. And you can send it to the System Tray so if you don't want Windows cluttering everything up, they won't. Just right click on it and...