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    Yabause 0.0.7 Released!

    A new version of the Sega Saturn emulator Yabause has been released. The good news are that after I read about this release I tried to load my only Saturn game and it worked... too many problems to be able to play with but it worked. You can get this new version from here.
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    Gcube 0.3 Released!

    The GameCube emulator Gcube has been updated. Here are the changes in version 0.3:should now work on mac os x (thanks to Adam Green) basic hle system function mapper fixed a few problems with pad emulation further debugger improvements killed some ugly cpu bugs fixes here and there You can get...
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    Raine 0.42.1 Released!

    The arcade emulator Raine was updated today. Here is what is new in version 0.42.1:Fixed REGION_EMPTY not supported anymore for games like arkanoid bootleg. This bug was probably due to the new way of handling clones when loading roms (added in 0.40.5) (helped from loading the rom). Save a...
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    Get Your PS2 Emulator Here / If Your PS2 Emulator Doesn't Work

    There are currently no PS2 emulators that can play games at a playable speed. Don't bother trying them!!!!!
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    Champions' League Season 2004-2005

    Well Champions' League started today without a great surprice. Panathinaikos,the Greek team that played today,won altough we needed luck. The results Arsenal 1-0 PSV Report Panathinaikos 2-1 Rosenborg Celtic 1-3 Barcelona Shakhtar 0-1 Milan Inter 2-0 Bremen Valencia 2-0 Anderlecht...
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    New Nintendo DS info !!!!

    Final design Estimated price 150euro (just a little more than GBA SP) Confirmed titles Atari, Inc. # Atari Classics Atlus USA # Caduceus # Snowboard Kids DS # Plus three additional titles in development Bandai Entertainment Inc. # Meteos # Mobile Suit Gundam Seed # Plus one additional...
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    PSP revealed in E3 2004!!!

    Specifications of console PSP Dimensions: Approx 170 mm (long) x 74 mm (wide) x 23 mm Weight: Approx 260 g (battery including) CPU: PSP CPU (Frequency of clock 1~333MHz) Main memory: 32MB Embedded DRAM: 4MB Screen: 4,3 inches, 16:9 TFT LCD 480 272 xs pixel (16,77 million colors) Max. 200...
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    Official Nintendo DS console pic!!!

    Nintendo's new handheld games console will ship in the Autumn, the company will announce today. However, the videogame pioneer couldn't wait to see its new baby in print, so offered the story early to USA Today, which dutifully announced the spec. Don't forget: Sony may launch the PlayStation...
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    Metal Gear Solid : The Twin Snakes for GameCube

    This is the remake of the first MGS originally released on PS1 some years ago. Although I rarely play remakes and ports I bought it and really liked it. It is really as good as the original one,it shows how the remakes should be made. Has anyone played it?
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    Metroid Zero Mission !!!!

    As you may have seen the new Metroid game for GBA was finally released. Have you played it? I liked it very much. It is similar to the old good Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion.
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    Best Zelda Game!

    Let's vote for our favourite Zelda game! I prefer Link's Awekening and Majora's Mask. I voted for LA due to its perfect storyline.
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    What's your favourite SEGA console?

    Since SEGA has stopped making consoles I think it is a good idea to discuss about it's ... legendary consoles! Which SEGA console do you prefer? I used to have Game Gear and Mega Drive/Genesis. I loved both of them. I always wanted a Saturn and a Dreamcast but never bought them. My favourite...
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    Zelda : The Wind Waker

    Have you played it? What is your opinion? I kind of hated it... No speech and Link was made like a mellon with legs... I still prefer the N64 games.
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    Playstation 2 Vs Gamecube Vs X-box

    This may be already be duscussed in the old forum but anyway which of them you consider to be the best? I personally have PS2 and GC and prefer PS2 because it has lots of RPG's. However generally I prefer GBA and older systems.
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    Who Will Win The Champions' League This Year?

    Who do you think will win the Champions' League this year? I wanted a team from my country(Greece), especially Panathinaikos ;) but I don't think this will happen. I think AC Milan will win it again...