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  1. seymoregutz
    does any one here play an instrument. i play the bass. i'm kinda a novice , but i am my own worst critic. i like all kinds of music, except rap....sorry, can't get into music that has all the anger, but no solutions. i have all types of music in my catalog.....even country. i also like to find rare songs... my favorites are black sabbath, amy mc donald, simon and garfunkle, and the moody blues....just to name a few.
  2. emoboy369
    yes i play the drums.
  3. ulaoulao
    Guitar 20 years. Classical/metal/rock/some blues.

    Wow, its a band.. Guitar, bass, drums... Now we need a vocalist.

    WHOA, I just relised this post is mega old, wonder why it was on the side panel?
  4. Mupen64 Man
    Mupen64 Man
    Im getting into concert guitar, it has a beautiful sound.
    I'm learning the Piano right now. Which will probably lead into other things like the guitar.
    I'm also learning how to use some beginner music production center/studio things.
    One is called FL Studio and the other is its free counterpart, LMMS. Although the latter hasn't really came out of beat or reached v1.0 yet.
    seymoregutz, that was a silly statement you made. Who controls corporations and who controls content put out? Come on it's an emulator forum... You should know this. Rap isn't all anger... not even close... I don't think angry rap even makes up a large percentage of hip hop... just the stuff you hear on the radio -- superficial shit.

    Also you have people expressing opinions too.

    check out(which now i'm going to listen to) Q-Tip -- The Renaissance Man
    Wale -- More about nothing (really good)
    J. Cole -- Friday Night lights

    You might be surprised
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