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  1. VintageTorrie
    The Way of the World - Seventh Seal

    The End of It All - Sirenia

    The Price of Mile - Sabaton

    These are my favourites.
  2. ulaoulao
    I love Metal Church.
    haha! cool, keep up the metal talk

    Salute the best metal chick singer in the world!

  3. Mupen64 Man
    Mupen64 Man
    Haha, I love Metal Church as well, I always recommend it first when I think of metal \m/. VintageTorrie, I actually kinda liked the Seventh Seal song, the female vocalist sounds pretty good. Some parts of the song reminded me of "Destruction Preventer" by Sonata Arctica. The one you showed me by Sirenia sounded a little too pop to me, but enjoyable nonetheless. The Sabaton song didn't really appeal to my tastes at all, it was too slow and at some parts it sounded like Neil Diamond took over! XD Ulao, as far as the vocals go for your vid, I enjoy her voice, she does the whole death metal growl and scream very well, but I am just a die hard fan of Elisa C. Martin's vocals, I guess its just the difference in singing style.

    I think its funny that this is probably the most active the group boards have been in a few years, XD talk about tight community. Do you have any more metal tidbits to share Ulao?
  4. VintageTorrie
    Well, most of Sabaton's songs are slow, but there are some that are quite fast.

    And, I think we're so active 'cause we're talking to each other, not just stating stuff.
  5. ulaoulao
    I'm a mountain of metal info. I guess it just depends on what you want to know. I think the true metal head is becoming extinct. So when you find some one that actually knows what metal is, its like automatic friendship.
  6. VintageTorrie
    Yeah, for instance, I know just about everything about Megadeth, but I couldn't tell you anything about modern mainstream music. It's all fake digital stuff, unlike metal that actually requires talent.

    Well, at school, everyone thinks I'm weird because of the things I like - metal, classic cars, old consoles, programming - and when you find someone that does, it becomes a friendship.

    Anyway, Mupen, what other songs do you recommend by Devestation? That 'Idolatry' really suited my tastes.
  7. Mupen64 Man
    Mupen64 Man
    Sorry, I have been busy most of this week.Ulao, I think that as well, anybody that I meet that claims to know metal gives me nu metal or some crap like that, and I have to show them whats true, I can say that I have only 1 friend that has the same metal tastes as me. Torrie, I would say that most of the music from the "Idolatry" album is consistent. Here is another sample for you.

    Oh yeah, my favorite band Mekong Delta reworked some classics from their previous albums and released them with a new coat of paint from the new line-up, it sounds awesome. Have you ever gotten into Mekong Delta Ulao? How bout you Torrie?
  8. VintageTorrie
    Never heard of them before, but I've just heard a couple of their songs and thy're really good.

    And I agree, most people who think they know metal, it's usually just stuff like Black Veil Brides. I don't mind them, but they're not proper metal.
  9. ulaoulao
    I dotn think nu metal should have the word metal in it at all.

    nu "metal" from an old metal guys perspective.

    Singer: They all sound like a little emu boys that have this annoying ability to sound like a very sick person in a bathroom stall. The first show I saw were a "nu" metal band was opening for real metal band ( Sonata Arctica, in this case. And no I dont know who the nu band was) I looked at my wife and asked her " Is he doing what I think he is doing ?", she responded, yeah I also think he is cr@pping in his pants.
    Drumer: Ever learn how to actually play a double bass peddle is it is just for show?
    Guitarest: Umm, yeah take a few classical guitar lessons and try again.
    Bassist: Oh like it matters? Dont get me wrong, nothing against bass players but they dont shine when it comes to most metal music. Though, they do have there role.
  10. ulaoulao
    a list of music from my head.

    black witchery
    Messiah's Kiss
    RHAPSODY now ( RHAPSODY of fire )
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