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  1. VintageTorrie
    Post your favourite band and song.

    Mine's "Holy Wars...The Punishment Due" by Megadeth.
  2. ulaoulao
    I dont have a favorite. Just depends on my mood I guess. COB walking dead beat sounds good.
  3. VintageTorrie
    Yeah, I suppose it kind of depends on my mood too. Some days I could listen to just Megadeth, but others days I would only listen to Sabaton, or Slayer. However, for me, nothing beats 'Holy Wars'.
  4. Mupen64 Man
    Mupen64 Man
    My favorite band has been Mekong Delta for a long time, my favorite song from them is either "Hatred" from "The Music of Erich Zann" or "Curse of Reality" from "The Principles of Doubt" \m/ recommend any good thrash metal acts?
  5. VintageTorrie
    Megadeth, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Faith No More (not exactly thrash but still very good), Black Sabbath and Anthrax

    Look into them, they're my favourites.
  6. Mupen64 Man
    Mupen64 Man
    I am familiar with all the bands you suggested, all of them very good. If you like thrash I would recommend checking these guys out:


    Metal Church
  7. VintageTorrie
    Yeah, those guys are great. Do you like power metal. I have a fondness for the genre.
  8. Mupen64 Man
    Mupen64 Man
    I love power metal as well, whats bands do you like of that genre?
  9. VintageTorrie
    Seventh Seal, Sabaton, Accept, Manowar. Mainly Sabaton though.
  10. Mupen64 Man
    Mupen64 Man
    My favorites in that genre are Dark Moor, Crimson Glory, Heavenly, and Munruthel.
    Try these songs from Dark Moor out for size, I can almost guarantee that they will blow you away . If you recommend any good songs, you should post them so I can check them out.

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