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    okay now.. who has played the best rpg for the dreamcast??
    That is the Skies Of Arcadia
  2. skullpeng
    I'm downloading it as we speak
  3. Jale
    I know the last post is very old, but I just found out this group section today

    Best Dreamcast RPG for me has to be Grandia II.
  4. rezabrando
    Hi, I am playing CHRONO CROSS right now, and I'm going to play FF7, FF8, FF9 too. PSX is very rich in RPG games. Oh, man, CHRONO CROSS is terrefic, I can't understand WHY Square don't have a plan to release a sequel for it! I think this great game deserves a sequel, so WHY?!
  5. Mystic
    I think the biggest reason they never made a sequel is because they made it into an anime and it failed.
  6. kakashi-dog5218
    if anyone is a naruto fan who has plaed the ninja rpg.yes thats whats its really called
  7. khelben1979
    Hello! Anyone else besides me here who finds the Never Winder Nights games really attractive?
  8. seymoregutz
    my favorites are gothic, parastie eve, diablo, and shadowman. drakensang is another good one. my wife has been trying to get me interested in never winter's nights, but i haven't biten on it yet. she likes to play the sacred series, as well as fable
  9. TyZeR
    Shadowman is good.
  10. seymoregutz
    i've got shadowman 1 for the playstation and the comp, which is a windows 98....i'd love to get it to play in xp...no suck luck. i got shadowman 2 for the playstation 2.....my son said he tried it {the console} and told me it wouldn't run. i gotta check it out. i get a kick out of jaunty in both games, but most of all, i love the flavor of the game. once you get used to it, you can get into doing some cool sniper moves.
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