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Killer Instict - SNES

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Just for the record, we are talking about the original game and not Killer Instict 2 (Arcade/N64).

It's 1995 and there is alot of hype going around. They managed to port the awecome arcare fighter Killer Instict to the SNES and considering the gameplay back then they did good! Somple controls, 3 punches, 3 kicks and start/select. You had special moves, combos and finishers. Best 2 out of 3 rounds wins.

I won't explain the game modes as the picture bellow says everything but if you set it on hard you are in for a fight of your life, you just need to be flawless.

High score, my biggest nightmare. I don't know if it was my cardidge or lack of support but when you shut down the console the high score gets erased. And high scores are per fight so teah that can be a pain to achieve. Why am i so fixated about that? Well, check out bellow...

In order to beat that 500.000 record you had to put it in 2 player mode, do the best possible combos and combine with a combo/fatality like finisher. Not as easy task and it required perfection.

In a day when Mortal Kombat and Street Figter ruled that game was something and best of all...... the cartidge was black!

Needless to say that beating the score and being good at it gave it the title of finger buster...... at least for me.....

Till next time.

(In game pictures are mine, box and cart from google)


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  3. RibNSpicy's Avatar
    Hell yeah, i loved this game. My mate got it when it came out and we had played the Arcade a fair bit, was awesome. I remember taping his Killer cuts CD he got with it. I seem to recall i got really good at this, I could get like a 90hit Combo with Sabrewolf.

    Great blog, thanks.
  4. hottrout's Avatar
    A great game at the time. Thanks for the pictures.
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    --> Instinct (2 places)

    --> Fighter

    --> simple

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