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Super Mario All Stars - Back with a Vengeance

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I am hoping for a good start with this and our olg game reviews so here we go with a new old one...

Unless you have been living on another planet, Nintendo Japan announced that in order to commemorate the next anniversary of Super Mario they will be releasing Super Mario Collection, the old Super Mario All Stars (SNES) for the Wii! I am a proud owner of the old game and I have to say that it was my first game for the SNES (and mind you, SNES games back then were quite overpriced here!).

So, what did it include? It was the Classic Super Mario 1, Super Mario: The Lost Levels (Super mario 2 in Japan), Super Mario 2 (Super Mario USA in japan) and Super Mario 3.

For the first game there is little to say. You can even play it in those chinese knock off consoles that come with 200 games pre-installed in them so just flip a rock and you will find it there. Fun game and challenging at least at first.

Lost Levels took the step a bit further up and I am ashamed to say that I have yet to complete this. The gameplay is the same as one but with a small twist..... it's harder! That endless loop maze later in the game pretty much caught me

Super mario 2 took a different direction. Multiple characters to select and a different gameplay. No more stepping on mobs to kill them and throwing stuff. Still a fun game and story. Some people swear they hate it but I don't.... so whine all you want.

Super mario 3.... stunning. It was actually the first game in the collection that I completed. What I did was earn lives and saved power ups (if you play it you will know what I mean) and then did a "save and quit"... that was i managed to reach the last stage with buffs to easily skip the first past. Quite an experience for it's time. I have to say that though I liked 2, the gameplay in 3 was simply of a true Mario game.

Regarding the collection it's really sad that they do not include World 1 & 2. Seriously, are they so big not to include them? In any case, some time later a version that included Mario World 1 as well came out but I never bought it as I already had world.

I chose not to include any videos because youtube is practically full of then. Go knock yourselves out.
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  1. ulaoulao's Avatar
    Wow, going to have to get that game... lost levels should be quite fun. Gong to have to also get the friendly version so I can use my old school nes and snes pads .
  2. Lefteris_D's Avatar
    So far I heard for a japan only release for the collection for Wii. No idea if there is going to be a US/EU one.

    Btw, some of the screens are from the NES versions. The game select screen is from the SNES though.
  3. Mupen64 Man's Avatar
    Ive played it myself, I very much prefer the cartridge over the disc.
  4. testmachine's Avatar
    This collection is great.I have it for 12 years now.I actually completed all games on it except the lost levels.It is really hard.
  5. therude's Avatar
    Oh God, good old memories used to play it like crazy.
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