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The ultimate USB adapter - Bliss-Box - Project begun on 10-15-2007
( use any console controller via USB )

for a Full list see the compatibility list go here.

web site.

Features to mention.

* Auto Pause, most controllers have an auto pause when the controller is unplugged. When you are in the middle of a game and your fried, wife, or otherwise clueless parter trips over your cord resulting in NO GAME CONTROLE, the game will pause

* Auto Detect, no switches needed. The Bliss-Box will detect the controller. The Bliss-Box is Out of the Box ready. Nothing need, no drivers, wiring, or setup. Plug in the controller, then the Bliss-Box, and you are done.

* Upgrades. The chip is designed to be upgraded via the neogeo connector. If you know how to use an avr-isp you can do this on your own, otherwise it requires shipping to be upgraded. For avr info see the technical page.

* Full emulation, each controller is fully emulated unless otherwise stated. For example psx2 pressure sensitive buttons work! Version 1.0 of the Bliss-Box did not intended to support rumble or mem pack reading. This is planned in 2.0 (see 2.0 notes in "what is new new" section on the web site)

I dont really see what a blog has to offer that a form post does not, expect maybe double posting and editing posts. However if this blog gets used I may just link it from my site for changes in news..

That being said, in the latest new:

>Ok a bit of a change in analog design. Turns out a fully filled bar in the game controller app means 0... Yeah? What sort of crack is m$ smocking? See picture for illustration. So if the trigger / button / slider is fully pressed the bar is empty.. Call my crazy, but that just seem backwards.

>Guitar Hero is officially supported along with atari paddles via a small adaptor or added in the box on requests upon order.

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