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Windows 8 Opinion

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Hello all! Im here to talk about Windows 8! (review it)
Windows 8 has been released on Friday, 26 October 2012 after some free prelalease versions. Once you have installed Windows, your PC will be getting preapeared. In this time you will see on the screen informations about new features.
When this is ready the new start page will pop up with some options. You can choose to go to some places such as Hotmail, International news, Internet via IE10, XBox 360/Windows game store and the classic Windows Dekstop.
In the dekstop you will notice the removal of the Start button. If you press Windows Key you will be redirected back to Start page. If you move your mouse cursor into any corner you will se a menu with some options. Its such as the old start menu, pressing search will search for programs and folders, start will get you again to start page, with devices you can have 2 monitors (idk all features here lol^^) and pressing settings you will can go to control panel, personalization, PC specs and help.
This is all i can say about Windows 8, yes i have it with XP and 7 and I have maked a short video showing why i like it
So will you get it? I have areledy do it!
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  1. RockY's Avatar
    heh at least they changed the BSOD
  2. CalinCool's Avatar
    I hate 8 now lol
  3. anonymous123's Avatar
    Games selection is important but is awesome due to it's design.
  4. Danglow's Avatar
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