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The Nds4droid Testing Blog: Part 1: A Newbs Blog Begins

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Hello and welcome to my first blog. Thank you. Yes please stop the applause. Anyway I will try to post a blog entry once a week. So to start off this entire blog series will be about the Nds4droid emulator.
So to recap from my post on the forums:

I will be testing out the emulator: Nds4droid And test games on it. I will update this whenever I test out new games.
I have a Droid Charge with
Firmware Version: 2.3.6
Hardware Version: i510.06
(Will try to test on other Android devices soon.)

Pokemon Pearl: Very slow yet works
Animal Crossing Wild World: Little faster then Pokemon Pearl, but lags leaving blurred background and picture frozen to top screen.
Sim City Creator: Works moderately well pretty quick, yet takes very long to save.
Drawn to Life: Little slower than Animal Crossing, but okay.
Scribblenauts: Slower then regular play I've seen, but I can't get into the adventure part. Will test it more to figure out whats wrong.

I will test more later.

That was my post until I couldn't edit it anymore. So I'll be posting updates for it on my blog.

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    Nice.That's very kind of you.To keep us posted! (Y)
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