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FIFA 21: What feature would you like to see?

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Well, I would love to see the impact of individual managers more, and actual manager movement. I'd love for the game to identify how certain managers play, and have them move from team to team like IRL, and not just stay at the same team for 15 years. I think it'd be great to be asked about a recent managerial hiring/firing in press conferences or to see how a team changes with a new manager, very much like in FM.

Maybe certain managers could even retire and regens/lower league managers could take their place. I admit, it'd have very little impact on you as a player, but I think it'd be a great feature for the background of the game. You'd probably also need a longer save to see the full impacts of this.

And since the in-game currency FIFA 21 coins will always play an essential role in Ultimate Team, I'd like to see buy FIFA 21 Coins become a good option until then, it will save you a lot time and have more fun in-game.

What little thing would you like to see in the future FIFA 21?
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  1. jaypete's Avatar
    Rochdale Removals Thank you.
  2. jaypete's Avatar
    Liverpool Removals Good stuff.
  3. Brooklyn's Avatar
    Wow. This is fantastic, I am so excited about the new feature.
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