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Pinball Fantasies (1992, Amiga) Review

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  1. Bradley's Avatar
    Pinballs cannot be replaced, even todays arcades still have pin balls. When I was working at floor sanders perth, pinball is our ultimate get together thingy.
  2. tylerworgan01's Avatar
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  3. thianna's Avatar
    Pinballs always captivates my heart. This is the most classical game ever and highly mechanical, so i love it everytime I do cesspool cleaning Long Island
  4. thianna's Avatar
    I really love this game. It is more entertaining than the other one. Hope you will keep on posting. web design long island
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  5. thianna's Avatar
    I can play this game all day while doing for my landscape design, and never get enough! Thanks for this game.
  6. ryanbabraham's Avatar
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  7. aquablueweb06's Avatar
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  8. dave11's Avatar
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  9. thianna's Avatar
    Nowadays pin balls are sought after by the collectors of vintage games. I mean the real pinball board, its value soar up really high especially the limited editions from the 60's and 70's. I saw one with a caption best mobile pet grooming long island, its value is around 350-500 dollars.
  10. aquablueweb06's Avatar
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  11. billywhitman's Avatar
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  12. jason96's Avatar
    It is the sequel to Pinball Dreams rodent rat control, which was released earlier in the same year on multiple platforms.
  13. Breana's Avatar
    Nice game! Looking forward to more games to share in this site. septic installation
  14. Nairobi's Avatar
    Pinball is a legendary game. It still exists in any arcade I go to. Cheers from the best epoxy flooring
  15. billywhitman's Avatar
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  17. LG1's Avatar
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  18. lacasadepapel's Avatar
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  20. CloverdaleRoofing's Avatar
    I love pinball machines man. Always love seeing the different designs and characters they use at bars. One of my roofing contractors always challenges met at the bars haha I wonder how much one of these would cost...
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