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The Untold History of TIMEX Computers

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The Untold History of TIMEX Computers:


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  1. jason96's Avatar
    Timex Sinclair released four computers, all of them based (to some extent) on Sinclair Research's existing machines.
  2. Bradley's Avatar
    Huwaw! Just when you thought TIMEX only makes watches. Never heard or seen a Timex computer before, but looks really cool!

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  3. jomM0923's Avatar
    A very informative video. I really learned a lot about its History. I hope it still perform at its supposed to be. Carvana
  4. Jet's Avatar
    So insightful. Definitely didn't think of that before. fencing new braunfels
  5. Brooklyn's Avatar
    This fantastic, this must be a collectible since it's vintage stuff.
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