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Pickups 16: Games + Hardware + Stuff

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Pickups 16: Games + Hardware + Stuff


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  1. MichaelOatley's Avatar
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  2. netevaporate's Avatar
    Download temple run 2 full version.
  3. belljack3974's Avatar
    So impressed with your collection from games to gamer magazines, and others. Roofing Cincinnati
  4. belljack3974's Avatar
    And oh, I also admired your thoughtfulness to your son. I thought you are just collecting games for yourself. It is also for your son. headstones cincinnati
  5. Julia's Avatar
  6. Fancypants's Avatar
    Full of good informations. Your sense of being a gamer surpasses that of those today. I missed those old school games tho.
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  7. David91's Avatar
    Hello. How long has it been. I remember when the first part of World of Warcraft came out. It was an incredible game that I played on Windows 95. Today I play the third part of this legendary game, but it has ceased to bring me as much pleasure as before, because many people use WoW Boost. I think it's wrong. I am for fair play.
  8. ivaanadam's Avatar
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  9. LG1's Avatar
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  10. Bradley's Avatar
    Yeah, that's all we wanted, an all around gadget that supposedly do everything we wanted.. But does it really exist today?

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  11. Brooklyn's Avatar
    Aside from the video game, I enjoy watching the videos and how you do your blog. I will keep on watching your video. Thanks for sharing.

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  12. Breana's Avatar
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  13. Brooklyn's Avatar
    I just love that shirt! Pacman, a classic game...
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  14. Bradley's Avatar
    That PAC-MAN t-shirt you're on is on spot dude. I love pacm-man merchandise, where you get that?
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    Updated June 18th, 2020 at 04:20 by Bradley
  15. Brooklyn's Avatar
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  16. Bradley's Avatar
    Gravel reminds me of Mad Max-Into the unknown game from early 2000. Nice game, action packed!
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    Updated July 17th, 2020 at 14:01 by Bradley
  17. Bradley's Avatar
    Another thing is thje graphics, early 2000 games looks very dull and low fps.
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