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WORTHY: a Brand-New AMIGA game in 2018!

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WORTHY: a Brand-New AMIGA game in 2018!


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  5. ivaanadam's Avatar
    I am so excited to hear about Worthy: a brand new game in 2018. I like its theme and its really interesting. The video you have shared is really good and it makes me more excited. I will definitely try this game.
  6. Bradley's Avatar
    This is very cool!

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    I think I'm already hooked here

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  8. Brooklyn's Avatar
    I first knew this game when I saw it on advertising agency near me, I find it interesting and got curious that's why I tried to play with it.
  9. Fancypants's Avatar
    2 years ago games looks classic already even if they are not that old. Sure enough gaming experience imvproves as time passes.
    Updated June 29th, 2020 at 05:38 by Fancypants
  10. Jet's Avatar
    So dope! thanks for the share.
  11. Brooklyn's Avatar
    Looks nice! I hope this game will survive the test of time.
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  12. Bradley's Avatar
    Even in 2020 this game still rocks!
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  14. Bradley's Avatar
    Love this game, never gets old!
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  16. Brooklyn's Avatar
    Why is it called amiga by the way? Spanish influenced?

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  18. francheslove19's Avatar
    Some of gamers do playing this game recently.. But we need more update about the game mechanics..

  19. jason96's Avatar
    Makes me wonder why this ability was not used back in the day on the CD32. I know most people look back now at these games being crap but at the time it was all the rage and our beloved wee console is more than capable at outshining the sega offering at its own game. kitchen renovation