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Inspecting old hardware, Part 2

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  5. David91's Avatar
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  8. waynewalker4167's Avatar
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  11. Bradley's Avatar
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  12. Bradley's Avatar
    I am now using the newer Macbook 2015 retina, no disappointments at all.

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  13. Brooklyn's Avatar
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  14. Jet's Avatar
    Remember those old macs lasted forever!
  15. Brooklyn's Avatar
    Mac has been the best available computers in that era, though wasn't able to compete entirely with Microsoft, not until the early 2000 they rose from ashes. chain link fence new haven
  16. keera1508's Avatar
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  18. keera1508's Avatar
    For me there;s no such name as old hardware, because every era that this hardware became the best in thier niche, they alrerady serve the purpose.
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