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The PlayStation 3 :: TECH in a MINUTE | It's a Pixel THING

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Let's talk about the PlayStation 3 (PS3), in a minute... more or less!

The PlayStation 3 :: TECH in a MINUTE | It's a Pixel THING


  1. Harricks's Avatar
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  2. yapsody's Avatar
    I've PS 4 now and things are smoothly working without any trouble.
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  3. preeti123's Avatar
    Great demo but it seems to be old now.
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  4. ivaanadam's Avatar
    I am so excited to watch this video and it is really interesting too. impact of technology in healthcare I like gaming and this play station game is my favorite game also. Your video gave me more information about this play station game. It is really a useful video.
  5. taylorstephen's Avatar
    I am so happy to see this post. I like the video, and it gave some information about the Playstation. The PlayStation is a home video game console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. You gave a detailed description of this console. Thank you so much for sharing the post.
  6. Jet's Avatar
    Great demo for real. Couldn't have put anything better together myself. our site
  7. Callis's Avatar
    Ohhh how I don’t msis out on ps3 that much, not many memories with this console. Because I was busy at the time developing games for PC at multi tenant architecture and their affiliated systems. I wish the feeling/emotion you desire that I show I could feel but i cleary dont.
  8. Batia's Avatar
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