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Golden Sun Game Review

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Hello, I'm ScissorsForDays, and I'm going to make a review of Golden Sun. I'm very sarcastic, so be warned.

Plot Synopsis:
Knock knock. Who's there? It's a bunch of rocks falling on your village. You wake up and you're randomly forced to escape the village. You team up with some random characters along the way, and you get to the river. Felix, whoever that is, is drowning in the river. You go get his sister and return, so she can see a rock fall from the sky and kill him and everyone else trying to help him out. So you run away and two creepers dressed like Lady Gaga have a conversation about Alchemy and beat you up for hearing it. Now we skip 7-- I mean 3 years ahead for no reason. So now you have learned the power of Psynergy, which is what the village leaders used and failed to protect the village. You go to meet Kraden, the all-knowing elder, and you run into the Kefka wannabes on your way. They decide to not kill you this time and let you meet Kraden. He follows you to Sol Sanctum, the shrine for all things Alchemy. You explore the temple like Indiana Jones and you get into the 'Ocean". You get the Elemental Stars, Circus Freaks steal them and Kraden and Jenna, and then the 'Ocean" collapses. So you go on a quest to find the stars and prevent Thing 1 and Thing 2 from destroying the world with them. Ivan, a merchant's apprentice, and Mia, a healer, join your quest as you go along. You collect beings called Djinn, which are basically just Summons that don't cost MP. You always follow in the wake of the Cotton-candy colored thieves, fixing their evils. You make it to Mercury Lighthouse, one of the Lighthouses that if lit with the Elemental Stars, will destroy the world. You meet the band of thieves, and discover that Felix is one of them now. They light the Lighthouse and run away. You continue on your quest, stealing a ship from a dying man to go to the next Lighthouse, and there, you beat up the Scythe-wielding Butterflies for good, and then Felix proves he hates you for not saving him by lighting the Lighthouse and diving into the sea. The game ends there. Yup. It just ends.

Gameplay Summary:
Final Fantasy. Two words that describe this game perfectly. Every single thing about it is basically ripped from Final Fantasy and pasted into Golden Sun. The battle system, a bunch of items, and enemies. The only thing that makes it different is psynergy. It's basically magic that you can use on the field. After you get Mia, that's the only purpose for it. There are plenty of other offensive psynergy, but the Djinni make it useless. The Djinni are so awesome and amazing. They're have skills that should be psynergy, but are Djinni instead. The game rewards you for using them by giving you summons for using a certain amount of them. An annoying thing about battles is no auto-retargeting. Battles aren't particularly engaging, if you level up enough, you can beat monsters with your weapons pretty easily. There are lots of dungeon puzzles that make use of your psynergy, which is probably the best part of the game. The puzzles get sort of repetitive sometimes. The only boss I considered challenging was the final.

Aesthetics Summary:
It's a 3D Gameboy Advance game. And it pulls it off well. The game is very beautiful for Gameboy standards. However, you can see the pixels very easily. The animation is very smooth. None of the characters look like they received a hard punch to the face. The monster design isn't very original. Most of the enemies are reskins of each other. The djinni have attack animations that I swear are just some of the psynergy. Wow, I don't have a lot to say. I shouldn't have made this its own section.

Character Summary:
Beauty is only skin deep. So are these characters. Seriously. Garet, the only character with a personality, has a very stereotypical one. I'm disappointed. Isaac, the silent protagonist, is that and nothing more. Ivan and Mia can be the same person for all I care. They both have this 'I'll obey everything you say and agree with you because I love/trust you' thing going on for them. I'm going to fold the writing summary into this as well. The writing. Oh, the writing. It's awful. Characters never say anything interesting. And there's random gaps in the text boxes, which make reading so hard. It really tested my patience. I skipped through most of the text waiting for action to happen. And might I say, the speech mechanic is annoying. They ask you the stupidest questions. "Isn't that right, Isaac?" Is probably the most common line in that game.

Music Summary:
Not that bad. Nothing special, but it isn't as bad as the writing. It definitely has a huge Final Fantasy influence on it. I didn't notice the music of the game much, but listening to it on YouTube makes it easier to appreciate.

I liked Golden Sun. It was very fun to play. With so much ambiguity and changing goals, I kind of forgot what the purpose of our quest was. But it was still fun. I'm upset that psynergy didn't get a little more use due to how useful djinni were. I loved the djinni too. They were too useful though. Mia and Ivan were the only ones with useful psynergy after you got at least 4 djinni in each type. And saying Mia's psynergy was useful is a little bit of a stretch. The puzzles were fun, and made it feel like a cross of Zelda and Final Fantasy. I'm kind of mad that the game suddenly stops at Venus Lighthouse. I downloaded the sequel, and I copied the password I got from the original exactly. I quadruple checked. If anyone knows how to fix that problem, please tell me. I would recommend Golden Sun to any fellow RPG fan. I think avid FPS fans might not want to play this not just because it's an RPG, but it doesn't really feel like an RPG. I'm looking forward to the endless amount of plot holes in the game to be solved in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

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  1. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    Nice job Scissors, I might check this game out
  2. ScissorsForDays's Avatar
    I might make the game sound easier than it is, because I'm a compulsive over-leveler. I was at level 35 at the end of the game.
  3. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    I've never been a huge RPG fan, but there are some that I do like, and I think I'll give this a try.