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Emulator Fever

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Hey there everyone! I've made a forum that's kind of like here. It's called Emulator Fever. It's not finished yet, but the basics are there, so I would like some feedback
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  1. testmachine's Avatar
    oh i see emulator-zone has some concurence.Nicely done vintage torrie!
  2. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    It's definitely not going to be as good as here
  3. testmachine's Avatar
    Do some advertising on other sites.then it will get popular!
  4. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    I'll do that once I've finished setting everything up, it's nearly done
  5. ScissorsForDays's Avatar
    I've joined. Is there anyway I can help on the site?
  6. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    I've made you an admin, so you can help moderate.
  7. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    Right, added most emulators I need to, still a lot of work to do though
  8. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    I've given you guys an honourable mention at the site:

  9. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    The site's 'finished' so I would appreciate it if some of you could join, because it's just me and Scissors at the moment
  10. testmachine's Avatar
    I joined too.Just so.So you have 2 members now
  11. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    So what do you think?
  12. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    Also, if anyone wants to be a moderator, just ask, we need a couple.
  13. testmachine's Avatar
    i want to be a moderator.I will help you! .BTW the site is awesome.Nice interface.Fast browsing and nicely done categories.
  14. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    I've made you a moderator
  15. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    I think us 3 as mods should be enough for just now
  16. testmachine's Avatar
    do a video about your website!
  17. Mupen64 Man's Avatar
    I'll check it out when I have the time, okay?
  18. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    I might make a video, but not now, there's not really enough stuff on it just now. Maybe next week.
  19. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    Good progress has been made, thanks to all the visitors and members
  20. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    The mod/link annoyance issue has been resolved
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