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Emulator Fever

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Hey there everyone! I've made a forum that's kind of like here. It's called Emulator Fever. It's not finished yet, but the basics are there, so I would like some feedback
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  1. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    Fixed the header so the 'made with' text doesn't show up, looks much better.
  2. ScissorsForDays's Avatar
    We currently have 67 topics on Emulator Fever! We've come so far in just 3 days!
    Updated July 26th, 2012 at 23:28 by ScissorsForDays (Spelling error)
  3. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    lol, I have 167 posts and Scissors has 86
  4. VintageTorrie's Avatar
  5. ScissorsForDays's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by VintageTorrie
    lol, I have 167 posts and Scissors has 86
    As of now, I have 116 posts and you have 208.
  6. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    Added 2 new features to the site:

    1 - Chatbox, this is basically an IRC type thing, it's to stop clogging of threads and PM's. The thread can be found here:

    2 - Gallery, members can upload images, but it's not accessible from the homepage, so bookmark this url:

    The thread can be found here:
  7. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    Another 2 new features:

    1 - Reputation, users can give points to posts they find really helpful or solves a problem they're having. The thread is here:

    2 - RPG, not completely finished, but almost. The thread can be found here:
  8. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    Link restriction for new users has been removed
  9. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    Welcome CalinCool as the new mod! (Known as -CalinStelistu- on the site)

    No more mods will be accepted for now. We will get more mods when there's more members.
    Updated July 28th, 2012 at 18:23 by VintageTorrie
  10. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    A cool video ScissorsForDays made

  11. ScissorsForDays's Avatar
    Thanks for not being repulsed by my weirdness
  12. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    No worries, I'm weird myself
  13. testmachine's Avatar
    There is a new member on emulator fever!
  14. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    It's a friend of ScissorsForDays
  15. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    Added a new blog feature
  16. ScissorsForDays's Avatar
    Added a section for anime.
  17. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    Ah yes, since you made me an anime fan
  18. VintageTorrie's Avatar
    Created a new header that fits the colour scheme better

  19. ScissorsForDays's Avatar
    We now have 13 members. Thanks to all who joined!
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