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    I am playing Killer Instict 2 for almost three years because I love strategy and addictive games. I mostly liked the topessaywriting to manage quality work. I am glad that you have written an article on my favorite visual game.
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    Really you are right this is so good content as like i saw on college golf camps
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    Wow so amazing great video i thought someday i could do it too thanks for sharing this. carpet cleaning
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    Wow so amazing great video i thought someday i could do it too thanks for sharing this. carpet cleaning
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    Oh God, good old memories used to play it like crazy.
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    Some typos...

    --> Instinct (2 places)

    --> Fighter

    --> simple

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    A great game at the time. Thanks for the pictures.
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    This collection is great.I have it for 12 years now.I actually completed all games on it except the lost levels.It is really hard.
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    Hell yeah, i loved this game. My mate got it when it came out and we had played the Arcade a fair bit, was awesome. I remember taping his Killer cuts CD he got with it. I seem to recall i got really good at this, I could get like a 90hit Combo with Sabrewolf.

    Great blog, thanks.
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    Ive played it myself, I very much prefer the cartridge over the disc.
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