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  1. therude's Avatar
    Oh God, good old memories used to play it like crazy.
  2. Robert's Avatar
    Some typos...

    --> Instinct (2 places)

    --> Fighter

    --> simple

  3. hottrout's Avatar
    A great game at the time. Thanks for the pictures.
  4. testmachine's Avatar
    This collection is great.I have it for 12 years now.I actually completed all games on it except the lost levels.It is really hard.
  5. RibNSpicy's Avatar
    Hell yeah, i loved this game. My mate got it when it came out and we had played the Arcade a fair bit, was awesome. I remember taping his Killer cuts CD he got with it. I seem to recall i got really good at this, I could get like a 90hit Combo with Sabrewolf.

    Great blog, thanks.
  6. Mupen64 Man's Avatar
    Ive played it myself, I very much prefer the cartridge over the disc.
  7. ledadoggslif's Avatar
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  8. willamssohniya's Avatar
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  9. Lefteris_D's Avatar
    So far I heard for a japan only release for the collection for Wii. No idea if there is going to be a US/EU one.

    Btw, some of the screens are from the NES versions. The game select screen is from the SNES though.
  10. ulaoulao's Avatar
    Wow, going to have to get that game... lost levels should be quite fun. Gong to have to also get the friendly version so I can use my old school nes and snes pads .