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  1. Bliss-Box Blog #1 intro.

    What is Bliss-Box - Bliss-box ( was established in 2007 and registered as a business in 2015, committed to the preservation of video game peripherals. We feel the history of gaming is important not only to preserve and enjoy but to understand how gaming got started and where it has led today.

    What is the 4-Play - The first and only adapter that allows a gamer to use a wide range of original peripherals ...

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  2. Bliss-Box

    The ultimate USB adapter - Bliss-Box - Project begun on 10-15-2007
    ( use any console controller via USB )

    for a Full list see the compatibility list go here.

    web site.

    Features to mention.

    * Auto Pause, most controllers have an auto pause when the controller is unplugged. When you are in the middle of a game and your fried, wife, or ...

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