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    The new boards are ready for production.

    read more here
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    DC rumble refined. and looks like n64 mem packs are on the way.
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    Atari Paddles are now supported with out the need for a another board.
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    Just a note to the viewers of this blog, 2.0 has hit beta testing. It includes theses features at the moment.

    *Auto Pause Detection, In addition to auto pause with 2.0 you can switch controllers in the fly. When you unplug, for example, a Saturn controller you can then choose any detectable controller and plug it in. The Bliss-Box will auto detect this controller and resume functionality without a flinch by the user. Very few controllers are not detectable. For example the Atari, Intellivision are not detectable, most others are.

    * Global button mapping, In additino to the auto detection all buttons are laied out the same to mach common set ups. For example the snes y, b, x, a, are mapped like the neo-geo a, b, c, d, So that when you swith from one to the next you use the controller in the same manner. Both left most buttons ( snes:Y or neo:A ) are mapped to the emulator the same. Obviously some choices had to be made. See this spread sheet for details. Open to suggestions

    * Force Feedback, Yes vibration ( rumble ) is supported in 2.0 with no drivers required. It was developed for a windows system and may or may not work on the ps3, linux or mac ( just never been tested). The following controllers support rumble: DreamCast, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1,2, and Game Cube

    *UDLR mode, This mode will map all Up,Down,Left,Right buttons to the corresponding analog movements. So that you can switch to digital in the game and back out at any time. To do this you press shoulder left, shoulder right and the pause button all at once. To exit, press the same.
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    Had an idea for Zelda fans.
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    Just wanted to note that 2.0 is in the works and here is a new finish.

    Updated May 8th, 2014 at 18:16 by ulaoulao
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    I moved your comment to the thread post, sorry its just too specific and not general.

    As for the button mappings I decided to move it to version 2.0, see thread for details.
    Updated March 9th, 2010 at 16:20 by ulaoulao
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    Ok time for an update. So I did some thinking in the past week and decided to implement a universal button mapping. The idea here is that you can change out the n64 and use a sega Saturn in its place and the buttons will remain in the same place. . So start is start, mode is select, shoulder triggers L and R is shoulder L and R, etc... For a mapping see here. Its a WIP, so suggests are welcome, email be ad let me know.
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    I think that I can speak for everyone when I say that we all truly admire your work and hope it pays off big time in the end. =]
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