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  1. Red Rogue a sidescrolling roguelike game

    Hey everyone.
    Today i'm bringing you a Indie Game called "Red Rogue"
    Quoting official website of the game:
    "Descend into the Dungeon of Chaos, retrieve the Amulet of Yendor, kill all who stand in your way and return with your prize."
    But this merely says the main quest of the game,so i'll describe it a bit more in detail
    -Red rogue is a sidescrolling roguelike platformer (With RPG elements like:Levelling Up,Inventory management,a ...
  2. Transcendence

    Okay.It's time to bring you one more game that everyone would like.
    The game is called Transcendence
    Transcendence is a sci-fi themed freeware adventure PC game designed and created by George Moromisato. A preliminary version 0.5 alpha release of the
    game that would become Transcendence was made available in 1995.[1][2] The game is still under development, with roughly three-quarters
    of the game completed and its first milestone of
    version 1.0 ...
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  3. Survival Crisis Z

    Quote Originally Posted by testmachine View Post
    Hey guys.
    I just found a amazing game.It's Called Survival Crisis Z.It's a Survival Horror/Adventure with RPG elements.Played for several hours now and the game is just plain awesome:
    System Requirements:
    Pentium 3 800 mhz or Amd Athlon + 1000 mhz equivalent
    Nvidia Or Ati graphics with DirectX 8.0 support
    512 MB of Random Acces Memory (ram)
    Peripherals:Keyboard,Speakers,Mouse,Joystick ( is optional).
    you can download the game HERE (OFFICIAL SITE LINK)
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