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  1. Killer Instict - SNES

    Just for the record, we are talking about the original game and not Killer Instict 2 (Arcade/N64).

    It's 1995 and there is alot of hype going around. They managed to port the awecome arcare fighter Killer Instict to the SNES and considering the gameplay back then they did good! Somple controls, 3 punches, 3 kicks and start/select. You had special moves, combos and finishers. ...
  2. Super Mario All Stars - Back with a Vengeance

    I am hoping for a good start with this and our olg game reviews so here we go with a new old one...

    Unless you have been living on another planet, Nintendo Japan announced that in order to commemorate the next anniversary of Super Mario they will be releasing Super Mario Collection, the old Super Mario All Stars (SNES) for the Wii! I am ...
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