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    כל מילה. תודה על השיתוף, מחכה לעוד פוסטים בנושא.

    מומחה קידום אתרים
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    The Timex/Sinclair 1000 was the U.S. version of the Sinclair ZX-81, which was made by Sinclair Research, Ltd. One of the earliest versions of the home computer, the TS-1000 hit stores in 1981.
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    This game is really awesome!
    Updated March 30th, 2020 at 10:40 by thianna
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    A cousin of mine, who's now a deck builder, used to play this game together with my brother. They always argue but then at the end still become friends. Definitely, I will share this information to him and will try to see his facial expression. Anyway, thanks for sharing.
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    Remember playing on a rig similar when I was kid. after becoming a home inspector, I don't have much time for it anymore, but vids like this bring me back to the days!
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    Playstation is the best console ever! We are your number one loyal fan from concrete additions
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    Pinballs cannot be replaced, even todays arcades still have pin balls. When I was working at floor sanders perth, pinball is our ultimate get together thingy.
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    Here in Oregon Concrete Finishing we used to play this game and there are the original two games, Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age, were released in 2001 and 2002, respectively, for the Game Boy Advance platform. A third game, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, was released for the Nintendo DS platform in 2010. In Golden Sun, the player plays as protagonist Isaac and his companions as they set off into the world of Weyard to prevent a group of anti-heroes from releasing a mysterious power called "Alchemy" to the world.
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    I never knew that Timex also invented miniature computers until I found this post and watch the video. Thanks for sharing. I will share this information to a friend of mine working in a landscaping company in Texas.
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    My youth could be much boring without this Sony playstations. japan just brought a new joy in our home even during the Atari times, i remember the sound produced by the games introduction sound. really nostalgic removalist melbourne.
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