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Dragon Ichigo
May 1st, 2007, 09:11
Hello, I came here in hopes that this forum was and still is active, so I'm hoping it meets that criteria. I've been a participant in many forums before dealing with gaming discussions as well as anime and manga discussions. I've even been a moderator for a few forums and did my job quite well. I believe in the equal opportunity for everyone to post how they feel but also a firm enforcer of forum rules. So in a way I might become an unofficial moderator. I hope that won't bother anyone too much. I also have a thing for correcting another person's grammar... An act of arrogance I know but it just seems to irritate me when somebody tries to spell something or create a sentence without any effort whatsoever...

My real name is Leo and my last name is on a need to know basis. I came here for friends and to chat, not to solicite myself to gaming companies and their affiliates. I'm currently seventeen years of age and still have the mindset of a fifteen or sixteen year old. I'm a naturally kind person and I'll be nice to you if you be nice to me. I'm currently engaged to my favorite girl in the entire world, Gwendolyn. Her last name is also on a need to know basis for the same reasons as mine.

I'm an avid gamer and have played many games in my lifetime. I own an Xbox 360 as well as an original Xbox which I gave to my father to play in his spare time. I own a Playstation 2 which my sister is currently borrowing. I also own a Gamecube which I play when I need a bit of simplicity in my gaming. I enjoy many game types but the genres I enjoy most include Role Playing Games, First/Third Person Shooters, and Action/Adventure. I also own a Gameboy Advance SP that I don't play very often as I'm not on the go much, however I will take time to sit down and play Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for a few hours. I guess you could say I enjoy the Final Fantasy series in it's entirety.

I hope you all enjoy lengthy posts with relevant meaning to the topic at hand, and don't mind me making a few grammatical adjustments to your posts. I'm looking forward to seeing if this forum is a worthwhile way to spend my time, as not many forums are. Thank you for your time.