View Full Version : Emu Loader 4.5 Released!

June 9th, 2004, 08:37
Here is what is new in version 4.5 of the excellent MAME frontend: Proper detection of "Hyper Neo Geo 64" games into "Neo Geo" category / game filter
Audit seems to work fine now. Still need to verify this though :)
When auditing single games, every time you audit a new game without closing the audit window, the status bar info is correctly updated :)
Options "Audit All Games" and "Audit All Available Games" getting disabled when closing the audit screen
"Automatic Game Information" works 100% again (or so I think)
Forgot to save the grouped mode background image info in "EmuLoader.ini"... heh, sorry :|
"Times Played" "Total Play Time" not updated after quitting a game, when in grouped mode
Audit screen not being freed from memory if closing it with the window close button instead of the "Close" button
Very veird access violation bug in "Automatic Game Info" feature ven there are no info for a game (bug in all modches, exchept grouped modche)
"Merged" status is now shown when auditing a merged game that is ok but the .chd file is missing (clone games only)
"Save Bad Games To HTML File" works again
A few "Parental Lock" bugs (thanks Marshall Brooks):
- Access violation in "Parental Lock Editor" when "catver.ini" is not found (category is always empty in this case)
- Games list not updating when enabling parental lock, after accessing "Parental Lock Editor"
- Message confirming changes loss after clicking "Ok" button (to save blocked list) in "Parental Lock Editor" (it should this ask only if clicking the "Cancel" button)
- Access violation when trying to run a game in the "Games Found" list in "Parental Lock Editor"

A lot of cosmetic bugs
Load and save MAME .ini / games custom .ini / delete custom game .ini files were not being correctly handled if emulator in folder different than frontend's main folder
Bugs in the "Custom Game Description" / "Custom Game Category" features (thanks Marshall Brooks)
Color of sorted column is properly set (grouped mode)
Sorting in column "Times Played"
Delete custom category was not working when in grouped mode (thanks Marshall Brooks)
Function "FindGameName" was not working in grouped mode (needed in a couple cases)
A bunch of string sentences in the frontend
MP3 files with variant bitrates were not being played with 100% of accuracy
Font in the windowed auto game info was not being updated (thanks Marshall Brooks)
You can get it from here (http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/arcade/mame.html)(bottom of the page).