View Full Version : FCE Ultra 0.98.8 Released!

May 7th, 2004, 08:38
Here are the changes in version 0.98.8:Win32-native: Fixed the speed throttling used when sound is disabled. In previous 0.98.x Win32-native releases, emulation was running at 1/2 the speed it should have been when sound was disabled.
Moved settings in the "Miscellaneous" configuration window to where they should have been in the first place, and added "GUI" and "Timing" configuration windows to accommodate some.
Fixed the handling of the "Scroll Lock" key used to disable and enable Family BASIC Keyboard input.
Other Changes:
Updated documentation to handle some slight differences in the Win32-native port("Win32-native" is what the Win32 port using native APIs, as opposed to something like GTK+ and SDL, will be referred to in documentation now). I also made some other minor wording adjustments to the documentation.
Added an iNES header correction for Dragonball.
You can get it from here (http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/nes/fceultra.html).