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October 18th, 2003, 07:39
Yeah, you read that correctly, a bus flips over in Columbus, Ohio. View the video below, unless you have 56K.

Bus Flips Over (http://www.ultra-hiptastic.com/Videos/Bus.avi)

October 18th, 2003, 08:12
LOL !!!

And this is the best part.

a car almost runs the bus off the road, and the BUS DRIVER faces a fine, oh my fucking god, that poor innocent car !

Only in America.

October 18th, 2003, 08:59
Yeah, that makes the least sense ever.

"Well a car almost ran this bus off the road, it then flipped over. Must have been the bus drivers fault, dirty whore! Fine her ass! She endangered those poor children's lives!"

Jet Set Willy
October 18th, 2003, 14:38

October 19th, 2003, 07:07
one of the funniest things i seen in a long time. that reporter whore added to the humour

October 19th, 2003, 07:45
Yeah, I hate all of the reporters here. Especially her.

October 19th, 2003, 11:29
I thought knocked up was a term for getting pregnant?

Jet Set Willy
October 19th, 2003, 14:32
Yeah, I'm just ignoring that.

October 20th, 2003, 08:46
Originally posted by TGS@Oct 19 2003, 06:29 PM
I thought knocked up was a term for getting pregnant?

the content of the thread is an anti-climax to the title

October 20th, 2003, 09:33

:ph34r: , I think Im being spyed on by TGS.

October 20th, 2003, 16:42

October 21st, 2003, 04:07
Absurdism is your friend.

October 21st, 2003, 15:45
1 entry found for knocked up.

knocked up

( P ) knocked up: log in for this definition of knocked up and other entries in Webster's Millenniumô Dictionary of English, available only to Dictionary.com Premium members.

What the fuck ? They have dirty pictures to go with this definition or what ? lol

The Hedgehog
October 21st, 2003, 19:21

Jet Set Willy
October 21st, 2003, 19:23
It doesn't have to be out of wedlock or any other qualifying circumstance. It certainly doesn't have to be on IRC. That entry writers needs to be shot.

October 21st, 2003, 21:56
and look at all the other possibly retarded definitions the author wrote


Jet Set Willy
October 21st, 2003, 22:03
I hate that site.

October 22nd, 2003, 01:00
I tried to recommend the definition for deletion but it asked for my email. I'm so not typing it in there. I think we just need to recommend the site for deletion.

Jet Set Willy
October 22nd, 2003, 01:02
I don't think I've ever seen an entry which doesn't say "P.S. Marked for deletion".

October 22nd, 2003, 04:47
i added my own
it should be up in the next 24 hours
rate it

October 24th, 2003, 10:56
i cant be arsed to check, so what is it?