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January 19th, 2004, 13:09
Well I thought something more than a thread is needed for this.

This is something that Waz once mentioned. I wanted it to be a part of the forum or the site. The concept is simple, we are going to assign a new game every two days or a week and the members interested in it will participate. There are rules and here they are:

1. No cheating, like using the emu's cheat engine or modifying the memory.
2. No irrelevant posts and definitely no flaming.
3. And I'll more rules later.

How to play:
1. We pick a game once in a while and anyone a member of the forum can join in. The game can be decided by some poll.
2. You will use the MAME's and Kawaks' "Record input' feature to record you gameplay and upload it to let the other members view your status.

Simple enough. So should I suggest a game myself or should we begin a poll and definitely suggestions are welcome.

January 19th, 2004, 20:21
:rolleyes: Hi I'm a new b but i kinda like that so my suggestion is world famous game Pac man i don't no if any 1 will agree with me or not but it is a simple game yet challanging.

January 20th, 2004, 05:36
okay, we will make Pacman a choice for the people to pick. It is Ms. Pacman for MAME32. Anyone has any other suggestions.