View Full Version : SNEeSe 0.842 Released!

September 12th, 2005, 06:33
A new version of SNEeSe is now available. Here is what is new in version 0.842: SPC700: Added support for BCD fixup opcodes DAA and DAS, thanks to anomie and Overload for information and resources for research and testing [TRAC]
SPC700: Added support for opcodes BRK and RETI, thanks to anomie for information [TRAC]
SPC700: Corrected DIV behavior, thanks to anomie for research [TRAC]
PPU: Added support for separate internal H-offset and V-offset registers for matrix rendering [TRAC]
SPC700: Fixed a flaw in DIV algorithm, thanks to Heretic for pointing this out [TRAC]
ROM loader: Added IPS auto-patching support (must be in same path as ROM image, in ROM image ZIP file, or in save path) [Nach]
ROM loader: Continuing clean-up of ROM loading code [Nach,TRAC]
SPC700: Improved opcode trace logging code [TRAC]
5A22: Added opcode trace logging code [TRAC]
Sound: Added noise source emulation, thanks to Shay Green's Game_Music_Emu for information [TRAC]
5A22: Improved DMA timing accuracy slightly [TRAC]
Sound: Changed DSP register reads to ignore address bit 7; thanks to byuu for relaying research from anomie [TRAC]
Source: Fixed a typo in the code which could appear and prevent compilation in a currently unused conditional case, thanks to byuu for pointing it out [TRAC]
PPU: Added support for returning open bus values from the PPUs [TRAC]You can get it from here (http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/snes/sneese.html).